Hayes Image, an independent design consultancy.

Hayes Image is an award winning, contemporary & multi-disciplined design studio working with clientele right across the globe.

My goal is to create innovative, well-structured identity products for your goods and/or services, as well as any other design, print or advertising peripherals you may require. My design philosophy, simply put is to; assess the problem, contain the solution & then project the output, this allows for a comprehensive, end-user targeted design plan for your business.
"Pleasure doing business with you and I that hope we can do this again." Szymon Niemczura, CEO

Design Folio

plus Logo - Main Identifier

Creative Tidbits

A collection of uncategorised experiments, observations & unused concepts that are littered along the Hayes Image journey.

plus Logo - Main Identifier

Character Illustration

Here is a mix of client contracted work & purely conceptual illustrative work, the aim was to create expression and texture.

plus Monoline - Main Identifier

Monoline Illustration

One of my favourite creative pass times is the monoline stylisation of illustration. I start off with a rapidograph & then vectorise.

plus Logo - Main Identifier

Various Logos

Just a selection of some my older logo designs over the years, all tucked away as not interfere with newer, fleshed out work.


Currently redeveloping the website HQ, stay tuned for updates.

Get in touch.

Hayes Image
+61 4257 6985

I know the website is very bare bones at the moment, but upgrades & refinements are happening on an hourly basis, if you’re looking for an estimate on design work, feel free to use the contact form provided, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the mean time, if you would like to see some examples of my work, feel free to check out my page at Logopond for some current examples.

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